2015 Cover Letter

This cover letter is a brief, generic introduction to my resume. It is also in the form of a link that will download the document.


Cover letter


Comm 100 Class Notes

In my first Fall semester at BYU-Idaho, I took Comm 100. It was an introductory class to all the Comm emphasizes. Listed below are my recorded notes:


Sep 24

Speaker- Bro. Williams

Blogs and journalism


What do they do?

  • News, information, help form opinions, make educated decisions, entertain


  • Vote intelligently, obtain knowledge
  • Companies desire the skills of a journalist, not just their stories
  • Every story is important to someone (religion, politics, movies, sports, fashion, fishing, vacation etc.)


  • People desire news/stories
  • The journalism art is being perfected with technology
  • Newspapers/news are a great investment choice

Examples of modern

  • Hans Rosling (Youtube)- 200 countries, 200 years, 4 minuets
  • The Daily Signal
  • The Marshal Project

How do you know a source
it’s reliable?

  • Know where they come from
  • Where their $$ comes from
  • How well known are they
  • You can tell as you read

Content Marketing

  • Where instead of straight advertisement, companies involve themselves in causes and events and journalists will record the story, thus marketing the company.
  • The newest thing in journalism


  • Subscribe to the Wall St Journal
  • Start a blog about something you love. Even if it’s not good, you’ll be practicing and gaining experience. If it is good, you have something to show employers. If you’re good enough, you can get paid to allow advertisements to be displayed on your blog. WordPress is suggested to form your blog.


Oct 8

Speaker: Brain Howard/ Christian Mawlan

Video Production + Broadcast journalism


(Live) Broadcasting

  • Adrenaline/exciting/fun
  • Stressful!


1 year                                                    20 years

$34,000 ____>____>____>____ $74,000

Other Notes

  • Most everything today is/can be in a video (Sports, tutorials, movies, YouTube)
  • You are required to shoot and edit your own videos; companies prefer a jack-of-all-trades
  • Usually doing media production for a very specific audience/group/event
  • Video Pro. Includes the storyboard stage
  • Skills include directing, editor, digital graphic artist, sound+lighting


Oct 15

Speaker: Caryn Esplin

Visual Comm



  • Digital imaging/photography/graphic design
  • Typography
  • Some video production
  • Web designer
  • Social media marketing

New classes at BYUI:

Vector graphics, Social Media Marketing

Suggested classes:

315 Social Media design (high demand)

316 Professional imaging (18 student per semester, SERIOUS imaging)

Klout score

  • A website that measures your social media influence
  • The key is not necessarily to have a high score (implies that you are on ALL THE TIME), but the fact that you have one


  • Linkbacking to your content
  • Having your stuff come up on the first page of Google Images

Skills that get you hired

  • Adobe
  • WordPress
  • Photo + editing

Why study Visual Comm?

  • Efficient
  • Skilled
  • VERSATILE (because you can do something extra that the company can call on instead of having to hire a separate professional)
  • What’s the extra skill that you have?


Oct 22

Speaker: Ward Kicks/ Michael Cannon



What is it?

  • Interaction between the company and the public
  • A generalist for the company
  • Appeal to the public using facts and/or emotion


  • All about knowing your audience
  • Unpaid internships are often investment opportunities
  • Tell your story; it is the only thing that will set you apart


  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Team skills
  • Research
  • Message
  • Creativity

RACE model

  • Research
  • Action
  • Communication
  • Evaluation


Oct 29

Speaker: Andra Hansen

Organizational Comm + Advocacy



  • Business, Politics, Communities, Non-profit
  • An organization changing policies but to current event
  • Communications within institution with the public


  • See many different points of views
  • Language/Phrasing
  • Research skills
  • Persuasion

Top 10 skills employers want

  • Team work
  • Make decisions + solve problems
  • Communicate inside and outside organization
  • Obtain + process information
  • Knowledge related to the job
  • Written reports
  • Plan/organize/prioritize
  • Analyze data
  • Basic/intermediate software skills
  • Sell to/influence others


Nov 5

Speaker: Jeff Hochstrasser



Advertising process:

  • Source (Advertiser)


Message (Ad)

Channel (Medium)


Receiver (Consumer)

5 P’s in Marketing

  • Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People

Types of Agencies

  • Full-Service
  • Business-to-Business
  • Creative Boutiques (Generating ideas)
  • Media-Buying Services (Buying radio and TV time)
  • Interactive (Online)
  • In-Home

Branding integration

  • Putting the company’s logo/brand/name/product into the media


Nov 12

Speaker: Tyler Christensen

Grad Plans


Why bother?

  • Avoid over planning, people usually over plan in Humanities, REL, and SCI
  • Check to see if you have all graduation requirements
  • Advice from experts

BYUI specifics

  • Error in information –> Academic Discovery Center
  • Catalog years –> differing requirements
  • REF resident classes –> any REL classes offered by BYUI (classroom or online)


This last section of notes is from a writing workshop, also part of Comm 100 requirements.



Examples: Lincoln memorial, Martin L. King “I have a dream”, Brady Dennis “After the sky fell”

  • Style of writing to creating balance and rhythm, become pleasing and persuasive to read
  • To ‘highlight’ and emphasis information or an idea(s); to bring up ideas again and again
  • To use as a hook, make body paragraphs inspiring
  • Can be used to couple your essay with famous material to make a strong connection your ideas to already accepted and known material
  • Remember your audience (fancy words or plain & clear?)


How to use it:

  1. Repeat simple patterns of words in a related pairs or series

Ex) I came. I saw. I conquered.

2. Change the phrase later in your writing

Ex) In Martin L. King’s speech, he changed his ‘chant’ from “I have a dream…” to “Let freedom ring from…”

3. Balanced series

Incorrect: I enjoy books, videos, and surfing the Internet.

Correct: I enjoy reading, watching videos, and surfing the Internet.

4. Consistent active or passive voice

Active: John kicked the ball.

Passive: The ball was kicked by John.

5. Always use an active voice. Keep your writing tenses consistent.