L 13 – Reflection

Due to my physical, mental, and emotional recovery from my hospital visit and recovery, I got little done. I got some assignments done, others I missed. I wasn’t able to work on my website at all besides turning AdWords on again. I didn’t get one drawing done. DeviantArt has been down for weeks, so I couldn’t upload anything or view anybody else’s work.

Even with the semester ending and only a few assignments left, I can’t find my usual work ethic or determination for quality work. I’ve never experienced this level of apathy before in my life. It’s depressing. Fortunately, I kept high grades all semester, so I can take a few blows to my grade and get a A- or B. But this still isn’t the way I wanted to end the semester.


L 12 – Reflection

This week has… not gone well. I was hospitalized during the Thanksgiving break. My teacher gave me due date forgiveness until Dec 14.

This week was about social media. I really wanted to start posting on DeviantArt, a bit of a Facebook for artists, but the site is down. It either doesn’t show images or the website looks like the CSS coding disappeared. Nothing but HTML. I can’t post, I can’t join groups, I can’t view other’s work. It’s a bad time for the site to go down.

But my plan is to post and update DeviantArt with some of my better work. I can join groups and post work that matches the group’s interests. This will attract people who like my art subjects. Getting followers on DeviantArt is how people will find my site who will be more likely to like my work.

I also read an article about how to link your blog to Facebook so new posts will appear on Facebook. I also will consider making a Tumblr account, which is also similar to DeviantArt. I’m assuming they have groups to join as well.

I liked how people where able to find my site with Google AdWords running. However ( as I knew), many people would either not like my work, judge the site quickly, or it’s not what they were looking for. By getting followers on social media first and then leading them to the site, it will be more likely that I will find people who will like my site and people will come back.