L 11 – Reflection

This week was about refining the website.

First, doing drawings every day is too much. I can’t maintain it consistently. Thus, I’ve decided to post twice a week. Hopefully, the drawings will being high quality as a result. Second, I’m renaming the posts. For example, it used to be ‘Post 15 – Punk’ and now the titles will be something like ‘Pencil Drawing – Punk’. This will give more description in the title and will be an opportunity to use keywords, hopefully increasing SEO. Third, because of the new titles I’ll change categories to organize by drawing type, not quality. This will help people how may be looking for certain types of drawings, such as ‘pencil drawings’, ‘pencil sketches’, ‘inked’, ‘digital’.

This week was the first time I tried visiting my website mobilely. It’s better than on the computer. The home page looks tight and isn’t too long. I was afraid that my posts were too short, but on mobile they’re a perfect little post. This website is definitely more for entertainment than education.


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