L 10 – Reflection

This week, I started my Google AdWord campaign.

As the days go by, I see my bill get higher and that my campaign has clicks. However, I set my max bid to $3/day. On some days, I’m billed higher than that. As someone who hates investments and risks, this is making me anxious.

Clearly, I have no idea what I’m doing. I feel like I have good keywords and ads that accurately describe my site. What I hate most is that I have no way of earning money on my site aside from donations, which I’m not sure I can do without having to claim non-profit. I also don’t know how to run ads on my site for revenue. I’m guessing that I need a following for advertisers to want to run ads on my site. Overall, this site is taking a lot more start-up money than I thought it would.

Obviously, I need to do additional research, but I don’t know what will interfere with the class and what won’t. I’ve never cared about making revenue since this site is also a personal project, but I hate spending money with no way to balance it out. If anything, this class has solidified that I will not be running my own business.


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