YouTube Subscribing

Only recently have I started subscribing to channels on YouTube. I avoided subscribing for a long time. I didn’t want any junk mail from YouTube and I didn’t want to get hooked on another social media site. Eventually I got tired of having to type everything into the searchbar, so I finally subscribed to channels for the convenience.

So I thought, why do people subscribe? I’ve noticed that a majority of videos either start or end with a ‘please like and subscribe’ message. Interestingly, huge and famous YouTube channels don’t do this in their videos. They have intros and outros that are iconic to their channels. For example, jacksepticeye and markiplier both have millions of subscribers. They both have iconic phrases that they use in the beginning and end of their videos. They never ask viewers to ‘please like and subscribe’ and they’re doing better than the people that do ask. I feel that, for some reason, when someone asks me to like or subscribe to something, I’m much more resistant to do so. Thus, I’ll subscribe to a channel because I want to see new content, not because they asked me to. Ironically, I am much less likely to like or subscribe when videos ask me to because of how annoying it is. I hate it went videos beg for likes.

A little more information on YouTube subscribers:


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