L 09 – Reflection

Since Google updated some things, our assignments became out-of-date. Thus, this week was also lighter. It was a lot of thinking and not a lot of doing. Thinking about making more efficient keywords and how using Google Analytics will help us with our businesses.

Google Analytics, as straightforward as it seems, has much to offer and is very daunting. But through the discussion boards, I’ve pinpointed a few parts that I may want to focus on. One of them is the bounce rate. Bounce rate is how many people come to your site and only stay on the first page. This can tell me what my visitors are doing. If the bounce rate is high, that means that people stay on the home page, which is where daily content is posted. If there is a relatively low bounce rate, then that means people are clicking around.

Another one is duration, how long an average visit to my site is. If it’s really short, that tells me people just look ate the pictures and read little. If it’s pretty long, then people are reading what I write on my posts, perhaps commenting as well.

Overall, data doesn’t tell the whole story. Nor is it good or bad feedback. For example, most people would want low bounce rates. For my blog, it would simply tell me the behavior of my visitors. The bounce rate wouldn’t be good or bad news, it would simply be information.


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