Trump as President

I found out the night of the 8th. I had the NPR radio app on my phone and I got a notification. It read, “Despite all odds, Donald Trump…”, and I thought to myself No way.

You can find the article I read that night here.

As far as I knew, Hillary was ahead in the polls. In fact, many people both citizens and politicians brushed off Trump. According to the NPR article, Trump “bested 16 more experienced rivals in the primary process while spending little on traditional campaign infrastructure and relying on family members for political and media acumen.” Putting Trump’s personality and stances aside, that is an impressive accomplishment. Trump’s unorthodox ways is the reason he’s elected. As a reality TV star, Trump understood the media, people, and people’s emotions.

Despite what some people think, Trump’s goal is not to destroy America. He wants to build it up and “make it great again”. He simply has different ideas and methods on how to do that. It’s a matter of fact that he’s going to be our new president, so all we can do is make the best of it.


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