If you’ve seen my past posts, you will recognize this photo from Bannack and my Fine Art print. This photo is almost unedited. I used a mask to slightly tone down the bright lighting from the window, I slightly sharpened part of the machine for printing purposes, and I eliminated a red dot that was on the machine wheel. I love window lighting, how the machine is almost silhouetted, and the side of the organ that is hidden in the shadows.

My college’s on-campus visual society offered the print cash contest called Memories. While I have no memories of Bannack or sewing machines, the photo perfectly fits the theme regardless. Sometimes it’s not about what you think about a piece of art, but what you make other people think about when they look at it.

Contest entered July 13, 2016.


Final Photobook

Surprisingly, compiling and organizing my photobook was the least stressful activity or project I’ve had in COMM 300. Considering my lack of previous experience in photography, I think I’ve made great progress. I understand now that photography is unique and useful because it’s artistic and practical. A photography class can enrich anybody’s life.

This was my first time using My Publisher. Long story short, the process was relatively easy to follow and I was satisfied with my printed book. I can take my photobook into an interview proudly and demonstrate the skills I have acquired as a Visual Communication major.


Click here to view my whole photobook. MakaylaEdwardPhotobook

Fine Art Print

This is the photo I chose to print at 16×24. My video explains the process behind this photo. Edits were very minimal. They were a Black&White adjustment layer to discolor a red dot (as you can see on the machine in the original photo), a mask on that B&W layer, and (I forgot to say in the video) slight sharpening on parts of the machine to compensate for sharpness lost in printing.


Original photo

A video explaining the process, with me holding the actual print.