Themed: Damage

With this project, I’m beginning to get a feel for how my photobook might look. This project was to work with photos and typography. While I do not enjoy working with typography, I understand the impact it has on the message and feel of the piece. I think that the thin san serif (Helvetica Neve Ultralight) and serif/old style (Calligraphic 810 BT Roman) fonts match the old, worn, vintage look of my subject.

My subject or theme was damage. It’s a little broad, but that allowed me to capture different types of damage. From mild to severe, peeling paint to faded fabric, a dried sunflower to the worn label on a spool of thread. I think the subject of damages unified the different subjects together nicely. All of these photos were taken at the Bannack ghost town in Montana. My watermark is a logo I designed last semester and I think it represents me well.

As you look through these photos in succession, you might feel a bit put off, uneasy, or slightly melancholy. That was my intention with these photos and typography. While the ghost town was a great visit, you didn’t feel quite right or a bit on edge. I think that’s due in part to the vast amount a abandonment and damage. You might note that the sentence “Where’s the beauty in damaged and abandoned … and being dragged down” doesn’t have a punctuation. This is because you can take it as a question or a statement. The art here is more than the photos, but in what you feel and are reminded of. Enjoy.















2 thoughts on “Themed: Damage

  1. I really, really love how moving these pictures are with this theme. AWESOME job on this project. To me this should be submitted to some contest!


  2. By the way, I felt this was a very uplifting profound theme. We are all damaged in some unique way… that is mortality. No one gets a free easy pass on this Earth life. But the scars and weathering over time becomes our stripes of honor. There is a deep beauty in these pictures because they invoke a story we imagine in our minds. These unique awesome views inspired you to take a picture of them. I immediately envisioned a young lady at the sewing machine working on a multiple of layers of a dress which she would cherish because she only had one dress. However, most of the time spent on a sewing machine back then was repairing worn-out clothes. Taking pieces from worn-out clothes to patch the holes in the less worn-out clothes! I love the sewing machine picture because I keep imagining the stories that could have been written from the drama on this piece of machinery!


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