Photobook: Cover, TOC, Professional Page, First Spread

These are my first attempts to designing my photobook. I used Adobe InDesign and linked the Photoshop files so I can edit as I need to. The icon in my Table of Contents and Professional Page is supposed to be the dried sunflower as seen on the front cover. The icon on the back cover is also my watermark. It’s a logo I designed for myself last semester.


Front Cover


Back Cover

As you may notice, my cover is white and my inside pages are a dark brown. I did this to try and keep with the sunflower’s colors and create contrast. What do you think?


Pro. Page

This portrait of me was taken and edited by my mother, Leslee Edward.


Note that the edging accounts for book binding.

Themed: Damage

With this project, I’m beginning to get a feel for how my photobook might look. This project was to work with photos and typography. While I do not enjoy working with typography, I understand the impact it has on the message and feel of the piece. I think that the thin san serif (Helvetica Neve Ultralight) and serif/old style (Calligraphic 810 BT Roman) fonts match the old, worn, vintage look of my subject.

My subject or theme was damage. It’s a little broad, but that allowed me to capture different types of damage. From mild to severe, peeling paint to faded fabric, a dried sunflower to the worn label on a spool of thread. I think the subject of damages unified the different subjects together nicely. All of these photos were taken at the Bannack ghost town in Montana. My watermark is a logo I designed last semester and I think it represents me well.

As you look through these photos in succession, you might feel a bit put off, uneasy, or slightly melancholy. That was my intention with these photos and typography. While the ghost town was a great visit, you didn’t feel quite right or a bit on edge. I think that’s due in part to the vast amount a abandonment and damage. You might note that the sentence “Where’s the beauty in damaged and abandoned … and being dragged down” doesn’t have a punctuation. This is because you can take it as a question or a statement. The art here is more than the photos, but in what you feel and are reminded of. Enjoy.














Bannack – Creative

Still taken at Bannack, these photos display creativity and thinking differently.

Levitation. She balanced her rear on a stool and was lit up with an Einstein light. Utilized simple masking.
DSC_5972 DSC_5975



The prompt to this picture was “Out of the Box”. To me, the flat end of a crowbar looks like the flat sponge a girl uses to put eyeshadow on. The crowbar is mine and, while I thought this girl was from our class, I may have pulled aside a random tourist…



A Conceptual picture. She is a Banshee, cracking her eyes and skin with her scream instead of the glass. The texture is from

Bannack – Fine Art

Taken from the same Bannack excursion that my Portraits came from. Personally, I’m more satisfied with these pictures.

A house front. This photo utilizes the technique of bracketing.
DSC_5734 DSC_5731 DSC_5730


A misaligned fence.

An old, scratched piano, still perfectly in tune. I thought it was interesting how it was placed right beside the front door.

An old, elegant sewing machine. This photo required no edits.

A dainty pair of pin cushions, edited to grayscale. These were located next to the sewing machine.

A cracked animal skull placed atop a shed.

I found this bone placed on the window of the town’s hotel.

Bannack – Portraits

Bannack is a historical ghost town in Montana. My photography class took a special excursion. The models were my fellow classmates and other students who borrowed costumes from the BYU-I theatrical department. Most all of these photos have edits to sharpen, highlight, and darken.

A waitress posing by a door. Utilized an Einstein light.

A teacher holding a needle and thread. Utilized an Einstein light.

A bartender. “You’ll never find better prices on this side of the valley, see?

A thinking cowboy holding his lasso rope.

A young woman posing with a joker card. These textures are from
TexturesCom_DecalsStain0088_1_S TexturesCom_DecalsStain0040_1_S

A young man realizing that he’s being haunted by a woman from his past. Utilized a tripod and slow shutter speed to get the ghostly effect.

A smug cowboy greeting the morning with a tip of the hat.


I am… not extremely fond of taking portraits. The lighting was uncooperative and I couldn’t rent a reflector at the same time my models were available, so I made do with trees, shade, and windows to disperse light for me. It was kind of awkward and, overall, I didn’t have much fun taking the pictures. I enjoyed editing a bit more, especially to brighten the eyes. In the end, I’m satisfied with the results and I’m glad that I can give my friends free portraits.



MakaylaEdwardBriannaIndividual: Side composition with blurred background

Individual: Head and shoulders

Individual: Full body

Group: Activity

Group: Posing

Individual: Environmental activity



Before enhancements

MakaylaEdwardAfter1After enhancements: blemish removal, whiten teeth, brighten eyes

Color matching and enhancements
DSC_5664 DSC_5651
Original photo and source match image, respectively

MakaylaEdwardColorReplacmentColor Replacement: change nail polish and bracelet to purple