Perspective of 12

I’ve been taking a lot of floral and nature photos, so I wanted my subject to be harder, textured, and man-made. At first, I wanted to go to the BYU-Idaho Ricks Garden and shoot the stone statues and sculptures. But, deciding that I wanted something more personal, I shot my ukulele instead. I was going to lay out black tarps to get black backgrounds, but when I walked outside, I loved the natural grunge of the pavement and green power box. The dream-catcher is from one of my high school friends, and I think it made the shots much more interesting. As much difficultly as I had making the collage, I was able to practice blending, sharpening, and dodge and burning.











Finally, this is the image that I used to texture the background in my collage.


2 thoughts on “Perspective of 12

  1. Ooooo! How neat! It’s fun to see you doing what I love. We have something in common now! šŸ˜‰ Great perspectives on your ukulele.


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