Photobook Layout

Photobook layout

This is a layout I designed for my upcoming photobook. All these images are mine, with the exception of a texture I subtly used on the black background. I kept the layout uncomplicated so more attention is drawn to the photos. I chose semi-transparent purple and orange bars to compliment the green in the photos. Additional description about this layout is written in the block of text in the image above.



Past Photos

Makayla edit4X5

Welcome to my photography blog posts! My name’s Makayla Edward, but sometimes I go by Shala. I would like to have an Art degree in Illustration, but because of concerns about getting a job, I decided to major in Visual Communications and work on my illustrations on the side. So far, I think I made the right choice. I am the oldest of 3 children, me being 18, with a younger brother and sister. My dad is in marketing and management for the United Blood Service in CA and my mom does music lessons and photography as profitable hobbies. She shot and edited the photo of me above.

Because my mother is a good photographer, I grew up knowing about photography but experienced little of it. I learned the basics of editing in Photoshop last semester and am experienced in digital artwork as a hobby. I am eager to add photography to my list of digital skills.












The two floral photos were taken during a Fall semester at BYU-Idaho. The other were taken during my family’s excursion to Big Sur in California. All of these photos have minimal to no editing. Any editing applied, if any, is simple tweaking of levels. I hope to become more competent with camera settings this semester to take better quality photos. I enjoy shooting photos of nature because of its natural complexity. There plenty to look at in the picture besides the main subject.