Sanctity of life

The weeks passed and after a few months, I considered myself settled in. I decided to live in a city close to The Master’s home. Instead of bothering with rent, I found a corner ally to call my own. I used my money to buy supplies for my shelter and food. Just to keep on the safe side, I continue my low profile.

Even after months, I still couldn’t understand why there were so many children here. They outnumber the adults and, after doing the math, it’s impossible that they were all born here. I asked The Lady about this one afternoon while I served dinner. She shared with me a bit about the area’s culture.

Although successful, the city and surrounding villages were small. It was the community’s main interest to grow. Over the recent years, the governing officials have taken in children from the overcrowded orphanages in other cities. Once brought here, they would start in an orphanage. After a week or so, they would start meeting everyone in the city and surrounding villages. This place takes the phrase “it takes a village to raise a child” seriously. In this system, the hope was that the children would be adopted or at least find their place in society.

The Lady explained that the Great Spirit is what sends children, as a gift to married couples. Children were special and they taught patience, compassion, love, and selflessness. Not only are the children you raise the ones who will take your place, but they are teachers of values and vessels of happiness.

Even after her speech, The Lady could tell that I still didn’t quite understand the why. She said that I would simply have to try with faith.


*This chapter explains why people get married and have children, and why they bother with children. Personally, I never understood why children were considered perfect until age 8. They can be total monsters! Then I thought maybe children are considered a physical and spiritual trial for the parents, thus God doesn’t hold the children responsible because they’re supposed to be trials.

But more than that, parents are responsible for raising the next generation, the people to replace them. In order to raise a good generation, the LDS Family Proclamation states that parents should, “rear their children in love and righteousness, to provide for their physical and spiritual needs, and to teach them to love and serve one another, observe the commandments of God, and be law-abiding citizens wherever they live”. The Great Spirit is in reference to God. Children are “[His] heritage”, and thus is putting immense truth in righteousness parents.

How do you view children? I would love to hear the views from the people of my generation, fellow young adults and teenagers. Comment wherever you can, I’d love to talk to you.*


One thought on “Sanctity of life

  1. I have learned and grown the most through the hardest, most horrible things I have gone through. Most of them I wouldn’t have chosen to go through. But I can look back and see what I learned, learning is good. Somethings I have chosen (like marriage, children, taking college classes, serving in a calling) have been the happiest, best things ever AND the most emotional and difficult trials of my life. It’s the ying and yang. It’s the “to know good is to know sorrow”. Sure children are a trial… But they are also amazing blessings.


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